Home care

Will take care about you and your near relatives!

It’s difficult for young people who are full of energy and strength to imagin that in some time they will become helpless and ill and they will need support and help of other people. It’s a pity, but early or late it will happen with everybody. That’s why the task of every family is to take care about his close, aged relatives and provide them worthly happy life.

Now the old age is quite different. Some people at the age of 50 feel badly and have many problems with their health, it’s difficult for them to do their house-hold, to move and to work.
But some people even at the age of 80 are active, do sports, they have healthy way of life.
It depends on many reasons; first of all it depends on their natural health and conditions of their life and on their habits and behavor. That’s why close and dear people must follow attentively the conditions of their aged members of the family, they must define if they feel well and if they need your help and support.

Our company is engaged in organizing of professional care and support of aged people. We provide full-valued patronage: We work out and make agreements with them the optimal regime of care for the people who are under our control.We choose professional workers with necessary qualification. We give them consultations and help, control their work and activity constantly. We are always in contact with our patients.

Our patronizing company “Amalja” has all the necessary conditions and highly-gualified staff.
It allows us to choose the best suitable workers in the shortest period. Our workers have experience and skills in caring about aged people. All of them are generous, patient, easygoing and hardworking (at the age of 35-65). The main features of their characters are: respect, responsibility, compassion and charity.

Don’t be afraid to communicate with the person who will come to your house to help you. Simply choose a reliable company where you will get help and choose good specialists to care about you and who you will be able to trust.