Housekeeping services


Home and domestic help.

If you need an assistance of our housekeepers, if you do not have time or desire, you’re tired, you do not like or do not want to regularly do the following things:

  • Dusting, vacuuming, washing carpets, sofas, floor, ceiling.
  • Clean the hob, extractor, fridge and all these complex units.
  • Wash dishes (frying pan!).
  • Wash clothes, iron shirt, sew on buttons, change the bed linen.
  • Laundering toilet, tiles in the bathroom, remove the scum from the kettle.
  • Go to the market and to the grocery store.
  • Watering indoor plants, change the water in canaries and a filler in cat.
  • Mmm … you can think up some other small things to make in your house.
  • And yes, if you need, we can cook as well! Burgers, soup, cheese cakes. Homemade tasty and healthy food.

And when you need housekeeper services.

If it turns out that you usually eat at cafes and restaurants, but sometimes want to have homemade burgers! And your doctor says that the catering is not good for you…

And when there is a choice – to go to the movies with friends, go for a walk with children of the sea or spend spring cleaning on Saturday.

Or, for example, when everyone is in the house, at the first glance, it seems to be in order, but there are no enough efforts to clean, say, skirting boards, batteries and corners. It would be so nice, all to be done and the mood would be improved!

Another idea – a few hours paid help for the housekeeper will be a great gift to mum, wife, busy man. Gift card will show your true care.

You can buy our gift card.

About brushes, rags and detergents and cleaning products … If you cannot prepare them before arrival of your assistant, the assistant will bring them (cost of funds paid separately). If you need her help in the future, it is good to select a place where the housekeeper can store their tools.

If a houskeeper break a vase?

It is the main idea to order housekeeper service with the firm Amalja, and not spontaneously agree with “Aunt Zina on the street.” (Sorry, Aunt Zina!)

Our company enters into a contract with the client, and is responsible for the actions of their employees. We pass then our risks to the insurance company to insure the civil liability of up to 50,000 euros. Hopefully, this amount will be enough to cover the damage caused by the loss of your beloved vases? ?

There is also the bonus of working with us. It is a guarantee that you will be dealing with qualified, friendly and honest helpers in your house.

How to order houskeeping service.

You choose how many hours you need for help in your house. Minimum order – 3 hours. Cost of service – 20.00 euro per hour by one-assistant.
You can arrange a regular parishes housemaids or order one-time help with the housework.