Services on caring – this is a series of services which are given to the people who, because of their elderly age or illness disability cannot do fully or partly their household, keep their personal hygiene and solve the household problems.

In every individual case we work out an individual program to provide necessary optimal care for our patients. Thanks to our workers who have a big experience, skill and professional knowledge we know how to create the most comfortable conditions for the people who are under our care for elderly and ill people.
We do all our best to help our patients feel well and enjoy their life.

The services about care which our patronizing company “Amalja” include:

Household work Caring about the people who are under our control
  • Buying and delivering the food, medical supplies and other small things
  • Cleaning of the living place (washing the floor, dusting, taking out the rubbish, making the beds and others), keeping the order)
  • Washing and ironing the linen (laundry and dry cleaning services)
  • Paying all the municipal payments and requests (forming and reforming of different documents)
  • Taking the patients to medical and other organizations
  • Organizing leasure time (reading, communication, walking, discussing the latest news and others)
  • Repairing clothes. Preparing meals or helping in preparing
  • Providing individual hygiene
  • Helping in taking a bath or a shower
  • Moving in the bed
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Feeding
  • Invitations of doctor and other medical workers
  • Consultations with medical workers

Besides these complex services for our clients our patronizing company “Amalja” takes orders for providing  additional services:

  • Providing special transport for the people who cannot move independently
  • Help in getting medical things including pampers for personal hygiene, in getting auxiliary equipment
  • Service of a  medical pedicure
  • Counseling (As a matter of necessity with coming to YOUR home)
  • Caring about the graves

Only highly-professional and decent people work in our company!