Patronizing workers, nurses, specialists on caring.

Rīgas domes Izglītības, kultūras un sporta departaments, Licence Nr. DIKS-22-202-ail

The training course since 2012. The course licensed in 2014.

The courses of patronizing personnel(specialists on caring and nurses) are organized for preparations of qualified personnel for caring about clients at home.After finishing the courses all the listeners get knowledge necessary for full-fledged fulfilling their duties .
The listeners are taught by highly-qualified psychologists, medical workers with big practical experience it this sphere.

The given courses are destined:

  • Everybody who wants to master all the methods of caring about ill and aged people.
  • Social workers who work with aged people.
  • The people who take care about their relatives.

The aim of these courses are to prepare listeners for caring about the ill and aged people to teach them the principal habbits at home with differend conditions of their life (except. with psychical and inflectional problems).

The program of teaching

1. Introduction to the profession.

2. Psychology of ageing:

  • Behavour of aged people and their characteristics
  • The role of the relatives in the family
  • The communication with an aged person
  • Psychical protection

3. General care, principals of caring about aged people.

  • Physical peculiarities of aged people organ(body)
  • General care, principials of care about aged people, sanitaration and hygienic conditions, personal hygiene, and their feeding
  • Physical and painful changing of memory(dementia)
  • Using medicine
  • Caring about unmovable people
  • Bedsores avoiding
  • The principal of feeding in difficult conditions.

4. The first medical aid for aged people.

The length (period) of teaching 24 academic hours.
The rate – 170, 00 EUR

After finishing the courses the leavers will get a certificate in Latvian and English, they will be able to get a job in the families on their profession in Latvia and abroad.

*If we have vacancy you will have a chance to get a job in our company.